Welcome to PyResis documentation!

PyResis is a Python package for ship propulsion resistance estimation. This program is based on empirical method which can quickly estimate resistance and propulsion power for a range of ships.


Requirement: Python >= 3 and numpy, scipy.

Installation: pip install PyResis.


To estimate propulsion resistance of a ship with following dimensions at 2 m/s:

Dimensions Value Unit
Length 5.72 metres
Draught 0.248 metres
Beam 0.76 metres
Slenderness coefficient 6.99  
Prismatic coefficient 0.613  

With PyResis it is easy to get an resistance estimation by:

from PyResis import propulsion_power
ship = propulsion_power.Ship()
ship.dimension(5.72, 0.248, 0.76, 2, 6.99, 0.613)

Propulsion power estimation:


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